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A Word from the 2017 President

Dear fellow students, 

  Nowadays, countries in Asia are still undergoing drastic transformation and economic growth. Our mindsets have gradually changed from being a citizen of our own countries to being a member of the global community. However, lack of interaction among Asian youth remains as a concern at present, especially among outstanding students from Japan, China, and Korea, who always seem to be in an awkward position over historical and political issues. We strongly believe that this current situation need to be solved immediately. There is no doubt that the three Asian countries are and will be playing a key role in the global society, and the interaction among bright students, or we could say “potential leaders” is crucial for a better Asia and a better world. Many inspirations we get from others, particularly those with different backgrounds encourage us to become even better. OVAL was founded as a solution to these problems.

OVAL offers students an amazing platform and opportunity to interact with top-level university students from different countries in the field of business. It is time all Asian youth who have the potential to lead the next generation should act to get rid of the negative stereotype and to cultivate a deep understanding of one another.


  “OVAL” is an abbreviation for “Our Vision for Asian Leadership.” In this increasingly globalizing world, there is a pressing need for international leadership.

However, not many students can clearly describe what global leaders ought to be, as well as how to become one. We defined global leader as “a person who give universal value to all mankind”. In order to develop such leaders, we organize International Business Contest (IBC) annually. Through IBC, we provide all participants with the opportunities to acquire four skills, which I believe, are the minimum requirements for a global leader.

The four skills are:

  1. The ability to acknowledge the differences, accept it and to be open-minded.

  2. The ability to create something new from scratch.

  3. The ability to solve problems

  4. The ability to think logically and act according to it.


  I promise you that IBC will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and at the same time, will be a turning point of your life. Every one of you have the potential of becoming a global leader in the near future. So don’t hesitate to leap into the unknown. It’s now, or never. 

 President of OVAL JAPAN 2017

​Shizuka Eguchi

Shizuka Eguchi​​

President of OVAL Japan 2017

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