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IBC (International Business​ Contest)とは、












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IBC(International Business Contest) is an English×Online business contest held by student organization OVAL, which has a core branch in Japan, China, and South Korea.

The top-level students chosen each from Japan, China, and South Korea, one from each country, will gather and create teams of three, then work over authentic business plans. Furthermore, each team will have a consultation with adults who are active on the front line of business, and sophisticate their ideas. Finally, they will compete by holding presentations. Prize money (around one hundred thousand yen or more) will be given to the team who have won.
While we will lose many opportunities to do our activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this contest will be a perfect chance for finding our new selves through having contact with different cultures and experiencing friendship and cooperation beyond countries.

Held completely online​

No charge to attend, you can join from anywhere.​

100,000 yen in prize money

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Beginners are welcome​